Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing a website's visibility on search engines and gaining quick results. The content reaches the users via multiple online mediums like search engines, social media, and paid advertising. Blazon uses tools, techniques, and strategies aimed at optimizing the search to appear in the top position to get the maximum conversation through ads.

How it is Works

Important stages involved in SEM
  • Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    Identify the right keywords for the industrial category

  • Website Optimization

    Website Optimization

    Optimize the sites to reach a high rank in the search engine results

  • Online Profiles

    Online Profiles

    Create profiles for your business sites on online directories

  • Get Reviews

    Get Reviews

    Through reviews, determine the best ranking results for the site visitors

  • Paid Ads

    Paid Ads

    Trigger the platform by utilizing pay-per-click through keywords

  • Optimize Results

    Optimize Results

    Monitor the sites and pay-per-click campaigns


Blazon provides a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the corresponding responses. If you didn't find what you were looking for, please contact us directly via "Get a Quote" and we will gladly assist you.
  • What is SEM?

    Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is concerned with obtaining traffic from paid search in order to ensure that your company's products or services are visible in search engines.

  • What is the main purpose of search engine marketing?

    Search Engine Marketing(SEM) helps you appear on the first page of the SERPs. It not only helps generate qualified traffic to your websites, but it can also help raise brand awareness.

  • Are SEM and PPC the same?

    Yes! PPC and SEM are one and the same. This means that pay-per-click advertising and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) are very similar. PPC can also be considered an important part of SEM.

  • Why SEM is important?

    SEM gets brands to the top of the SERPs, and it has the potential to offer instant results, increase conversions, and generate more revenue.



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