Product Description:

Blazon offers e-Commerce platform solutions to help businesses manage overall issues, and improve sales and operational management by making it easy for customers to engage with the application. They provide a complete and customizable e-Commerce platform that streamlines the process and automates workflows to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

The platform includes features such as easy navigation, secure payment options, inventory management, and mobile optimization. This helps to improve customer engagement and increase sales by making it easy for customers to find and purchase products. Additionally, the platform provides real-time insights into key metrics such as sales, payments, and inventory, which helps businesses to make informed decisions and improve operational management.

Blazon's e-Commerce platform is user-friendly and easy to use, and it is built with the latest technologies and methodologies, which ensures that it is secure and compliant with industry standards. By offering an e-Commerce platform, businesses can go live and sell online, which will help them to reach a larger customer base and increase revenue.

Applied Technologies:

Angular, Node.JS-Express.JS, React.JS, and MongoDB

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