digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services

Digital Marketing has become the essential demand of a business to get its brand visibility in online and grab potential customers. We aim to empower businesses with the right insights and digital marketing strategies through innovative ideas that help generate positive ROI for our clients.

Blazon simplifies your digital marketing process and provides qualitative and quantitative insights regarding your business through our tech enabled digital marketing analytics platforms.


Marketing Strategy

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-Create a Professional Marketing Strategy

Throughout a marketing strategy we will outline the largest demographics and best mediums online in order to reach your segmented consumers through various channels.

We believe that a marketing strategy should also have a combined interactive marketing calendar that will include major events throughout a 12 month schedule for online advertise spends, marketing promotions and other important dates throughout the year that impact your business.

This marketing schedule will relate back to all parts of the website, ecommerce, Blog, Social Media and Advertising and ensure that all parts of the advertising are rightly scheduled.


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Having a website is great, although the ability for people to arrive without having to know the website URL is of upmost importance and is just as important as the website itself.

Through our years of experience in the marketing business, our creative team will ensure that each page is optimized for the major search engines, so that users searching for the company name or related keywords (i.e. Advertising, etc.) Will find your website. Although this is a process that doesn’t happen suddenly, we will ensure that website’s content, programming, site mapping and other search engine techniques are properly set up.

E-Commerce Platform

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-Create an E-Commerce Platform

As an important aspect of the website is an ecommerce platform, this platform will allow for increased sales, along with larger viewership of the website. The platform will allow some of the following high-end features.

  • Product Management Module
  • Coupons and Shipping System and Calculator
  • Social Sharing
  • 2CheckOut or PayPal Checkout System
  • Featured, Sale Items, New Items
  • Search Module

Blogging Platform

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-Create an Official Blog

The blogging platform will be based upon Word press and will be styled to match both the overall brand and the website. Blogs typically do not allow for instant sales, however, they offer increased credibility, loyalty, and are great items to promote the brand across the website, newsletter, social media, etc.


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-Create Newsletters

Using our third party newsletter software a template based upon the brand will be created, this will allow for subscribers of the newsletter to get instant information, promotions from your brand. In 2012 it was calculated that for every dollar spent $86.20 is returned on Newsletter Marketing.

The newsletter system will cost a monthly fee of Rs.1,500.00 per month for up to 1,500 subscribers, this fee will be charged by the third party system and not by us.

Social Media

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-Create and Engage an Online Community

Social Media platforms will be developed that will allow for easy promotion cross platform.

The following will be completed within this package:

  • Twitter Branding
  • YouTube Branding
  • Twitter and Facebook connection to Website, Blog, Newsletter (ie. Post to one, post to all)
  • Facebook Fan Gating (ie. Must like page to see information, increases likes by 600%)
  • Google Authorship setup with Google+ Branding
  • Custom Page for Facebook that takes information from eCommerce System
  • Custom Welcome Page for Facebook

Advertising Campaigns

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-Pay Per Click (PPC) and Advertising Campaigns

Facebook advertising is some of the most effective online advertising with the highest returns and lowest cost per click. Facebook advertising will be completed in key periods based upon the marketing strategy to increase viewership to your events and launches.

Process Overview

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process to get a website ready to attract visitors from search engines and other online medium.

The process involves the Optimization of
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript Codes
  • Text Contents
  • Image compression with GZIP
  • CSS and JavaScript compression
  • Links and URL Structure
  • META information - Title, Keywords, Description
  • Adding Rich Snippets
  • Google+ Local / Bing Local Listing
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Webmaster Setup

Search Engine Ranking (SER)

Search Engine Ranking is the process of getting the suggested keywords of your business and website on top with Google Page Rank and Google Search Engine results.

This process involves the following steps
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Density Check
  • Keyword Competition Check
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Text Content Re-Writing with Keyword enhancement for Enrichment
  • Page Meta Optimisation
  • Google Page Rank
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Search bot Settings
  • Monthly Keyword Search Status and Performance Report

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting the website setup and ready for content based and user centric marketing platform. The contents the reaches the users via multiple online medium like Search, Social Media, Paid Advertising and Email Marketing.

This process involves the following steps
  • Google+ Authorship & Publisher Setup
  • Setting up Blog (Local blog with Word press is recommended)
  • Posting Articles (250 Words Per Page)
  • Article Review and Commenting (Disqus or Facebook Comments recommended)
  • Sharing Articles to Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising is the way to reach out user audience of big masses but with precise focus on various parameters like the Age, Gender, Location, Language and Nature of the users. With platforms like Google Ad words, there are numerous options for planning and text, banner or video based advertisement campaign. While the text ads are mostly displayed on Gmail, banner ads on websites subscribed with Google Ad sense feeds (a way to earn revenue by displaying Google ads on personal websites with unique or copyrighted content) and video ads on YouTube videos (a way to earn revenue by displaying Google ads on user uploaded videos). Google Ads are now even extended to Mobile advertisement through their popular mobile platform Android.

This process involves the following steps
  • Google Ad words Setup
  • Keyword Analysis and Competition Check
  • Choosing the Right Keywords
  • Bidding for the Keywords
  • Tracking user behavior for Keywords
  • Targeting the right User Audience
  • Monitoring Results with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is more about user engagement in real-time. Today, people are more engaged in social media to communicate with their friends and relation. That way, their, love, interest and activities are shared across online social media for easy access to others. SMM is about delivering interesting information about your product or service to a wide audience base by using multiple techniques to market your business and enable the users who are your active listeners to get update with all your latest information and offerings.

This process involves the following steps
  • Setting up of Social Media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Strategy planning for content and design
  • Graphic design for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.
  • Participation in Social Media Communities and Groups to exchange information
  • Increase the user base following our social media profiles
  • Build an user engagement model with polls, contents, rewards, offers and coupons
  • Share the blog posts from your websites
  • Integrate newsletter signup and e-commerce store (if applicable)
  • Increase ‘Word of Mouth’ references via Social Media and reward referrals
  • Monitor reputation and resolve issues via responding to posts and queries proactively

Social Media Advertising (SMA)

Social Media Advertising is targeting the right users via the preferences provided by the advertising channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to maximize the chances of a user to preview our advertisement and directing to our web or social page. Social Media Ads are the most popular medium as the target user preferences are set based on their profile and usage pattern.