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Custom Web Application Development

Custom web development

We have successfully built 200+ business critical and consumer-facing custom web apps tailored to the requirements of a specific business.

Our technology leaders ensure an exhaustive evaluation of the latest digital technologies before proposing a solution to customers.


Responsive Web Designing

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We create web pages that are easily navigable on screen of any size and device which is known as responsive web designing. While designing such sites, we keep some key points in mind namely user friendly navigation and elimination of horizontal scrolling along with clear readability for the user.

Benefits of Responsive Web Designing
  • Easy to manage as instead of operating two websites for mobile and desktops, you will operate only one website.
  • These sites can consistently adjust to various gadgets and screen resolutions and does not compromise with user experience.
  • Provide better user experience which can help in greater lead generation.
  • It increases the search engine rankings as Google rate responsive websites higher.

Angular JS web app development

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Blazon is the leading Angular JS based custom web Application Company specializes in developing scalable products and solutions using Angular JS.

Our experienced and experts AngularJS developers are familiar with all the features of the framework.

AngularJS is a dedicated open source structural framework tailor-made for web application to construct high-end internet applications.

It prevails in developing single page dynamic web applications and assist in developing client-side applications.

As a highly scalable open source framework for web development and AngularJS is tailor-made to create effective applications that are user-friendly.

As a web app framework angular is proficient in creating data-driven applications without rendering the support from other plug-ins or any other frameworks.

React JS web app development

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The Perfect Technology to build the Real time and Data Streaming Apps.

Blazon is a React js development company providing best react js Web App Development services throughout the globe.

Considering the ever-growing demand for interactive web designs and applications, we have expanded our bucket of development services to incorporate ReactJS, the trendiest JavaScript Technology.

React JS, a robust open source development platform, is used to create highly-scalable and powerful web solutions.

ReactJS development is getting a trend on nowadays, with awesome features like fully extensible, highly composable UI/UX components and cost-effectiveness.

Node JS web app development

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Node JS is nothing but a open-source cross-platform runtime environment, It has to be written by Javascript Language.

Node JS largely been used to make an exceptional choice for real-time applications development. Node JS have a variety of features. That’s the reason for developers choose a node JS for website development.

Blazon is provides the various development services like network applications, mobile applications, web applications, real time applications with help of node JS programming.

Node JS is a powerful programming language for maintaining the web servers, build a applications, and creating event-driven programming.

Node JS uses Java programming, which is familiar to all web developers. Blazon provides professional and corporate level Node js development services .

Angular web app development

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Our Angular web development service provides a very interactive website and functionally rich website applications.

Our angular websites very fast and user-friendly. We are leading angular development company in the country

Our Angular frame work websites has better structural design and it is simple to maintain and easily perform testing with various devices.

Blazon Angular web applications has variety of features like static typing, Including Generics, annotations etc.